Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Terms & conditions

According to distance selling regulations “you” as a private customer have a right to return/claim

your ordered products within 14 days from the day you actually received the goods. Claims and

return, with certain exceptions, will only be acceptable within 14 days, from the first day of receiving

goods. In case of claims and returns customer is advised to contact “Foodbazzar” prior to any

returns, otherwise claims/returns will not be accepted. It is buyer/customer who is responsible for

the postal/transport charges for any returns. Claims/returns will only be accepted when customer

contact us “Foodbazaar” prior to returns and goods are returns timely, in an undamaged condition

and with original packaging.

“FoodBazaar” will not accept claims/returns for the following products:-

1- Pre-ordered products

2- Wigs and hair extensions

3- Cosmetics products

4- Frozen products

5- Fresh fruits & vegetables

6- Flours

7- Oil, jams, pickles, sauces or other bottled products.

8- Products on special offers

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